Each challenge we get to see a wide array of creativity and interpretations of how to document a list. Not everyone is crafty or scrapbooky or wants to deal with piles of supplies. Each Lister comes up with their own method to make this simple challenge work for them. One Lister may use the opportunity to work on her sketching, while another is just going to commit to writing every day.

There is no wrong way to List. Whatever works best for you is the best way to do it.

Here are just a *few* examples of how Listers will be documenting over the next month. Maybe this will spark some ideas or inspiration for you for your own listing.

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Each image is linked to the creator.

Traci’s Listing:

30 days of lists

Renee’s List book:


Heather’s List book:

30 days of lists

Susan’s List book:


Chele’s List book:

30 days of lists

Carol’s List book:


Gaem’s list book:

Gaem Iz

Amanda Rose’s list book:

Be sure to click through to see her interior pages!

Amanda Rose

Sylvie Sance’s book:

Sylvie Sance

Other books I’m not able to easily embed:

How will you be listing this month?

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