rukristinI am a Lister:

Lists have the amazing ability to break down even the most complex ideas into tiny little parts, allowing for a greater understand the details. Lists are simple to make, but have endless possibilities. Adding some art & design into the mix makes listing a hobby that is both productive and creative.

Creative lists are perfect for me — I’m equally right brained and left brained, so my logic side gets to have all the words written down in a neat format and my creative side gets to make that list really fun to write and look at.

My personal goal for this year is to continue finding ways to tell my story. Writing and storytelling doesn’t have to be in perfect prose, weaved into a long-form essay with perfect sentence structure. Writing is about getting your ideas out on paper. It’s about using the written word to communicate your thoughts. Listing is a great way to get your thoughts and ideas out on paper without the burden of grammar, punctuation and all the stuff you’re ‘supposed’ to worry about when writing.

There’s something brave in believing in what you have to say enough to put it down on paper. What I might love most about 30 Days of Lists is the thriving and supportive community that pops up in almost every corner of social media.  I would encourage you to not just play along, but share your list and your story.

Join me and the rest of the #30Lists community this March as we once again take on the 30 Days of Lists challenge!

Kristin is a millennial storyteller who loves documenting her everyday-life and awesome adventures. As the owner of rukristin papercrafts, a venue to share information and inspiration on creative ways to tell your story, she encourages others to dream big, find their voice, and be the author of their own adventure. An introvert who loves community, she loves meeting new friends online. Let her write you a thoughtful note or drop her a line on twitter or instagram.

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