I am a Lister.

I have always had a passion for jotting things down (however bizarre of a passion that may seem!). Listing is calming; it makes me focus; it’s nostalgic and fun to visually see all of the things I’ve done and hope to do, especially when it means breaking out the stickers and colored markers to illustrate my lists in the margins.

I am a lister, and I’m most at home, most inspired when I can stretch things into bullet points and catalog what’s around me into a list: simple, sweet and full of creativity!

 Kristin is a list-addict and bookworm who gets way too emotionally attached to fictional characters. When she’s not scribbling a list on any scrap of paper that graces her path, she can be found sipping a cup of chai and discussing the literary merits of Batman with her Pittsburgh English Nerd posse. Grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and follow My Life as a Teacup for writing and organization tips, literary discussions, and all things bookish! Follow her on twitter, pinterest and Instagram.

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