Kam of 30 Days of Lists and Campfire Chic

I am a Lister:

I am a Lister because I love crossing things off of a long list…I just love a good list! I’ve even been known to add things to my ‘to do’ lists just to promptly cross them off. My purse is full of lists I write throughout the day, the list app on my phone is full of whatever is racing through my mind at the moment, and my dry erase board in my work area at home is covered with bullet points. I am a Lister because writing my ideas down help me organize my thoughts.

Kam is the blogger behind Campfire Chic and co-creator of 30 Days of Lists. When she’s not blogging about social media, organization, and Project Life, you can usually find  her on a trail, on the ropes in the climbing gym, or working on my pigeon pose in a yoga studio. She loves connecting with others via Twitter (@CampfireChic) and through the comments section of her blog, Campfire Chic.

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