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I am a Lister:

To do lists, done lists, someday lists, to read lists to buy lists, to do lists, to build lists, to journal lists, to do lists.

Lists of photos to take, lists of events to attend, lists of projects to finish and lists of errands to run.

Movies to watch, books to read, books to write, tools to try, trips to take.

I use lists all day. Every day.

At the daily blog Lemon and Raspberry, Amy T Schubert helps you tell your story, build your platform and find your GREAT WORK … and how those all combine to help you live your best creative life. She has been a writer, photographer and encourager for most of her life. If you’re looking for a free guide to jumpstart your creativity or one-on-one blog-business coaching, head over to Lemon and Raspberry. For more day-to-day fun (including cat photos), follow Amy on Twitter and Instagram at @amytschubert.

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